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Neo-Animism Fragrance

£ 65.00
Neo-Animism is a fragrance that is alive. Alive with meaning and African oceans.

Our fine fragrance has been created with two dominant notes.

African ocean minerals.
These capture our relationship and experience in the water. The minerals in the ocean are understood by our bodies and minds in almost imperceptible ways. Our nose can identify them.

The scent of ‘green bar soap’.
This captures the daily lived experience of African surfers growing up in Southern Africa. Green bar soap is a common household soap found throughout the region, that has the power to conjure memories for many people, summoning up the idea of home, or mother, fresh linen, or the beginning of a new day.

The signature fragrance was developed in partnership with South African-born Etienne de Swardt, founder of niche fragrance house Etat Libre D’Orange and French nose Mathilde Mijaoul.